This week is the second time in recent months that I am down with a bad cold. The nasty cold germs controlled my body as if it is a puppet. When it pulls the strings, my head gets sneeze off, my blocky and leaky nose does a marathon run and my throat lining peels itself off hurting like nobody’s business.

After tolerating being the germs’ puppet for a day, I dragged my tired body to see the doctor. Each of the steps taken to walked to the clinic feels like eternality. Feeling breathless, slightly disoriented and awashed with drowsiness, I took a seat and drifted into dreamland while waiting for my turn.

Finally, after god-knows how long, it was my turn. The doctor is one which I had seen before. She is a nice lady. After taking my temperature, listened to my breath/lungs, and a look at my throat, I was declared to be a victim of the common cold. Take a rest, and take this for your block nose, this for your cough, this for your sore throat, this for fever if required, and most importantly, complete this antibotics.

Argh! Tearing all my hair out! Antibotics again! The last time I had a bad cold a few months ago, I was given 3 rounds of antibotics till the doctor was saying that the next round will not be something nice, which means they are running out of antibotics and I will the nasty breding ground for a resistant-strain in no-time. The next thing that was running through my mind was, I am not going to take all the medication, especially that antibotics!

So, after collecting all the medication (Paracetamol 500mg, Fedac 2.5mg, Dexcophan 15mg, Telfast 180mg, Dorithricin, and Amoxycilin 500mg), I happily ditched all the medication into my bag, and only took a tablet of the Dorithricin lozenge. Next on list is to find the cheapest cod liver oil in town. The first stop was NTUC healthcare. S$5.80 for a 400ml Scott’s emulsion cod liver oil. The next stop was Watson. Still S$5.80. So, the final shop, NTUC fairprice. Jackpot! S$4.85 for a bottle and it comes with free Scott’s watch. :) Rubbing my hands together happily, I took 2 bottles of cod liver oil so as to have both the different design of free watch. :P

Oh, so what has cod liver oil got to do with cold? My plan was to take cod liver oil along with a few Dorithricin lozenges as the “medication” for my cold. I ditched the rest of the medication (Paracetamol 500mg, Fedac 2.5mg, Dexcophan 15mg, Telfast 180mg, and Amoxycilin 500mg). Cod liver oil has high amount of vitamin A, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acid. Through I had not done my literature research at the point of time, a post-mortem search revealed that 2 studies conducted in 1930s and a 3rd study in 2004, reported that cod liver oil reduces cold.

So, with myself as the guinea pig, what is the results?

  1. The first day after taking cod liver oil, 3 tablespoons 3 times a day, and another 2 Dorithricin lozenges and 4 Strepsils Vitamin C-100, the throat was still painful and the stomach was starting to get upset with the large number of lozenges.
  2. Day 2, another 3 tablespoons 3 times a day, with 1 Dorithricin lozenges and 2 Strepsils Vitamin C-100. The throat was no longer painful, but scratchy when I wake up at the start of day 3.
  3. So, another 3 tablespoons, but at 2 times a day. The throat is no longer painful nor scratchy when I wake up the next day. It just feel a little dry.

Oh yes! Almost recover after 3 days of dosing cod liver oil!

Now that I feel almost recovered, I am keeping my fingers cross and is taking 3 tablespoons of cod liver oil daily as recommended, and not “vitamin over-dosing” as what I did when I was having a bad cold.

Usually, “vitamin over-dosing” is not recommended. But, when one is sick, non-synthetic “vitamin over-dosing” for a very short duration like 3 days can be acceptable, as the body needs extra vitamins to fight the germs. But, caveat here, “vitamin over-dose” at your own risk. The author will not be taking any responsibility for your action. And do note that, never over-dose on drugs/medication prescribed by your doctor. They can be fatal. Drugs/medications are very different from vitamin.

  3 Responses to “My bad cold and recovery with minimal medication”

  1. cool! I should try something similar when i am sick. :) thanks for the tip!

  2. @nicole: You are welcome. :) I was testing out my cod liver oil theory on myself. :P

  3. Alice, from my own experience, I used to have throat pain very often, recently I just had too much of Lychee…some thing happened….throat was
    painful…i think it is the dorithricin is making the effect on the throat…this dorithricin can cure my painful throat usually

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