It’s Yebber’s 1st anniversary! Happy Birthday to Yebber! Thank you Claudia for extending the special special invitation to me. The celebration is held at the Mint Museum of Toys. I reached, just after 7pm. Not the earliest batch, nor the latest batch. But, sigh, the counters were closed, and I was directed to level 3. And now blogging a day later, I am sure I am not the fastest, and I guess, I am not the slowest. :P Ah, SimplyJean has already completed her comprehensive post on the entire event in Part1 and Part2, which includes an early bird preview, and lots of photographs of the place, event and food.

Looking at the toys, really reminds me how old I am. Yes, Rinaz, thank you for your sweet words that I can pass off as a JC student. :P I must really treat you to a drink and meal… but then you just had your meal, courtesy of the event. Yes, of all the toys, Mickey mouse, 7 dwarfs and SnowWhite, 5 stones, and Old Maid cards ring a bell in my mind. I was from that era. :P And yes, I played with marbles on sandy field, shot paper bullets from rubber band and play with zero-point rubber band rope when i was young too. Ar… those were the times.

This Yebber event, like the last Yebber Christmas party, consists of bingo game too. Oooh, there was 2 prizes for the bingo game. The first prize of a wireless mouse with some additional special features is for the lucky winner who is the first to get either a complete row or column. A lucky fellow, who had a “false start” got it. Then, we had the cake cutting ceremony before continuing with part 2 of the bingo. The lucky fellow who completes the entire card, gets the prize – a creative live webcam for laptop. Ooooh. I was eyeing it. :P And…. I got it! I was one number earlier than Jean from SimplyJean in completing the card! W00t! W00t! W00t!

So, it’s time to claim my prize. :) I was so happy. I hoped that they don’t notice it’s me who won the Bingo. I was the Bingo Queen for the Yebber Christmas party, and they were saying I should be banned from bingo. :P Ops, for the Christmas party, I won in all rounds except one. Thank you Lady Luck. :)

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  1. *bows* to bingo queen! U sure is very very lucky loh! Congrats on your win!

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  4. You a true blue Bingo Queen! hahaha Next time we must play other games :P

  5. @Claudia: Thanks! Thanks for inviting me! Hugz. :)

    @Bobo: Thank you. :) Noooooo! Can Bingo be one of the games?

  6. Ahh! the bingo queen, i remember you from the yebber party. hahah! Congrats on the prize : )


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