Even before the AWARE saga which captured the attention of many is closed (yes, there is still an EOGM on this Sat 2nd May with registration starting at 12pm and meeting from 2pm to 5pm, and the venue has been changed to EXPO Hall 2 #01-01 Suntec Exhibition Hall 402), the H1N1 flu has hit Mexico, and is warned by WHO (World Health Organization) as unstoppable. We will soon become very familar with the word “H1N1″.

Currently, through we are in the early stage of an outbreak, containment is already too late. This virus has been lab confirmed in 6 countries (Canada 2 cases, Israel 2 cases, New Zealand 11 cases, Spain 2 cases, UK 2 cases, USA 64 cases)* within the last 4 days, in addition to Mexico (26 confirmed cases)*.

However, if these news sound scary, please tamper your fear by reading this guardian.co.uk article on “A vaccine needed for bad statistics”. Things are not that bad, yet.

* Statistics as on 28 Apr 2009.

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  1. Nowadays information flies at the speed of thought(at least on broadband and low latency networks), and we have marvelous AJAX platforms like http://www.google.org/flutrends/ that enables us to track this “real time”, so should be okay I think.

    Oh wait, governments don’t know how to track stuff on the internet because they don’t believe in open source technologies… shucks…

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