The notion of a talent is someone who is more capable in specific skill-set than the average. Whereas worker is a general term which does not differentiate the skill-set of the worker; therefore encompassing both talent and uhm-hmm the rest.

In any economic that is driven by cutting edge research or evidently superior management that provides eye-popping profit, the hunt for the exceptional talent can be relentless.

However, there is a limited number of talents. Nationality does not determines whether one is a talent or not. A proper benchmarking of skill does.

Moreover, extrapolating such a need to the mass economy is dangerous. Not all sectors requires Noble Prize winners. The vanilla flavored service engineer does not need to be a talent; we need a worker who follows the procedures and not a creative personnel who thinks out of the box and put the cart before the horse.

If the justification that someone is employed because he or she is a talent and the position truly requires one, no one will cry and puff…. But perhaps some still will :D

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